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Past activities

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WAPNA''s THIRD SEMINAR was held on 10TH OCTBER 2014

  1. Jigsaw Training for Suicide Prevention
  2. Lifestyle Modification Strategies to Improve Mental  & Physical Health with presenters covering the areas of Heart Disease, Diabetes, Respiratory Conditions and other medical conditions including breathing pattern disorders.

 WAPNA's SECOND SEMINAR  was held on  28th JUNE 2014
  1. Asthma in adults and children: these topics were a presented by Charlotte Allan (CN - PMH) and Dina Sharifa (CN- Fremantle Hospital).
  2. Dina then presented regarding the Domiciliary oxygen therapy referral process.
  3. Jenny Ibrahim- a consumer -  presented about the LIFE program and support groups available in the community and included information about living with COPD.

 THE FIRST WAPNA SEMINAR for 2014 was held on March 8 - this was an all day event.

Morning session:- Immunisation update as necessary for annual competency. WA Immunisation schedule: getting it crystal clear General Immunisation Update: What we can expect for 2014 Influenza 2014 update General questions and answers Using Department of Health resources.
Afternoon Session:-  Topics - Diabetes & CVD Management - presented by Professor Bu Yeap from Fremantle Hospital Wound Care & the "walking wounded in General Practice" - presented by Lynn Barnden (Co-ordinator Burn Early Discharge Program) & Beth sperring (Acting Clinical Nurse Consultant, Plastics Ambulatory Care, Telehealth Royal Perth Hospital).  A very interesting and interactive day was enjoyed by all.

Educational Evenings 2014

October 20th: Presentation by Lynn Hughes from GSK who is the National Immunisation Program (NIP) Regional Manager from GSK 

September 15th:-  Immunotherapy and allergies – presented by Valerie Noble Clinical Nurse Specialist Adolescent and Child Health Services PMH. Paediatric trained nurse who completed her training through PMH. Has been working in immunotherapy since 2002  been a CNS in Allergy since 2008. Currently on the WA Anaphylaxis Advisory Group and working on the WA MOC for Anaphylaxis. A member of ASCIA and currently sits on the Anaphylaxis subcommittee and Paediatric subcommittee. This presentation was on The Role of Allergen Immunotherapy and will included information on injection sites, needle sizes, allergy reactions and treatments etc.

Wounds West Resources – presented by Wounds West committee member. Overview of services. Online education and resources available for nurses in General Practice.

August 18th: View Health chemotherapy at home service.Presented by Lorna Rogers RN. Lorna has a background in cancer and cancer drugs in particular.The services provided include  chemo drugs, other types of drugs that need to be infused such as those that are monoclonal antibodies for Crone’s disease, RA, MS etc. in the patient’s own home. Also available through this service are iron transfusions, bisphosphonates, some subcutaneous drugs and many other types of drugs.

Monday July 21st:- Mobile Alerts information – presented by Lance Stracke. On January 1st, Western Australia became the 2nd state (SA being the first) to offer a rebate on Personal Safety Devices, commonly known as an alert pendant. WA Seniors Card holders can apply for up to $200 towards the purchase of a PSD. All PSDs are designed to contact family, friends or emergency services with one push of a button on a readily accessible transportable device. Designed in WA, the Mobile Alert is a PSD, that has been specifically developed for mobile seniors. Remotely monitored by family, friends and/or neighbours, the Mobile Alert uses the same cell network technology used in mobile phones.
2nd presenter:- Veronica Walshe – Sexual Health Practitioner – Aboriginal Health Council of WA. Information on blood borne virus’s, Opportunistic STI screening and Cultural Safety. Cultural Safety Training (CST) aims to improve the quality of service delivery by health care provider’s to ATSI people. CST adopts a head-heart-hands approach to cultural safety, reflecting the need to elicit thoughts, feelings and promote positive action in people.

Monday June 16th: TopicIntroduction to proposed workshop on Suicide prevention for October Seminar – Presented by Sally Hedderwick CN Jigsaw Training. This workshop is intended to enlighten not frighten participants around the subject of suicide. Suicide is the leading cause of death for all Australians under the age of 44 – but most of these suicides can be prevented. Participants will gain knowledge of the signs that someone may be considering suicide, the risk and protective factors around suicide, the myths surrounding suicide, what to do and say and how to have ‘that’ conversation with someone they may be worried about. You do not need to be a psychologist to keep people safe from suicide, nor do you need to resolve the person’s problems – often we do not have the skills or the knowledge to do so. What we can all do however, with some training and skills, is to be able to recognise when someone is at risk put them in touch with organisations and people who can help them.
2nd presenter:- John Boyd Chairperson Thyroid WA Support Group. The only support group in WA for thyroid sufferers. This is a very professional support group with direct contacts to endocrinologists and thyroid surgeons. Session will include information for nursing support staff to have more understanding of the disease and what can be done with diagnosis and treatment. They have a comprehensive website which is www.thyroidwa.com and sufferers can access a lot of it without becoming a member. The group is run entirely by volunteers. The three key volunteers are all thyroid disease sufferers.

 Monday May 19th:

Immunisation information evening presented by Jane Gardiner RN, Communicable Disease Control & Regional Immunisation Coordinator, South Metropolitan Public Health Unit,South Metropolitan Health Service.
Topics include:
Awareness of public health and communicable diseases

Vaccine preventable notifiable diseases in adults and children

Refresher in relation to vaccine storage, packing an esky, new vaccines and where to go for help/support for cold chain breach/incident.

Travel and communicable diseases

More details regarding the online immunisation course and update

South Australian Immunisation Calculator – This calculator is out of date, so beware regarding catching up children especially with dose of MMRV.

2nd presenter will provide information on:

Shingles prevention – The Risk, The Burden, Benefits of Vaccination & current NHMRC recommendations.

Community Immunity – are you aware of this resource?   

Presented by bioCSL William Northcott 
Monday April 21st ( No meeting - Public Holiday)

Monday March 17th:

Senses Australia: Presented by Angela Wills - Deaf blind Consultant, Deafblind Services.

An overview of communication methods including those with dual sensory loss.
Emotional impact for vision and hearing impaired.
Exercising for those with vision and hearing loss and a case study scenario.

2nd presentation –Presented by Juliana Summers and Ally White from Falls Prevention Programs – ICCWA (Injury Control Council WA)

One of the key aims of the Stay On Your Feet WA® program is to raise awareness of effective strategies to reducing falls occurring in the older population. With much of our older population living with sensory loss it is important to implement specific interventions that will decrease risk for those in this cohort. This presentation will discuss issues which specifically impact those with either single or dual sensory loss with a focus on vision and hearing. We will discuss accessibility needs, how to work effectively with patients living with sensory loss and considerations for implementing this in your practice. 

 Monday February 17th:
1st Presentation: * Crunch & Sip - school health program promoting fruit, vegies and water in schools. * Foodcents - healthy eating nutrition program promoting healthy eating on a budget. * Livelighter - healthy weight campaign and support. Resources and services presented by Sally Blane, Schools Nutrition Coordinator Cancer Council WA and Anne Finch, Livelighter campaign project officer Cancer Council WA.
2nd Presentation: Information regarding Coeliac Western Australia - resources from this support group and dietary options for those living with coeliac disease, gluten intolerance and other conditions. Presented by Julie Curnow, Manager of Coeliac WA. 
WAPNA 2013 Educational Evenings
Monday 15th April
Partnerships in care for patients with cardiovascular disease: where does the practice nurse fit in?
Presented by Associate Professor Andrew Maiorana - Coordinator of Exercise Physiology Advanced Heart Failure and Cardiac Transplant Service RPH.
Monday May 20th
Vaccinology; presented by Birgit Beisner; Regional Manager NIP Vaccines
Vaccinology? This presentation described the different vaccines types, how they are made, for example, what does 'live attenuated' really mean, and what are the benefits and disadvantages of each, a brief description of the production process for bacterial and viral vaccines, and where in the process certain ingredients (for example, those of animal origin), may enter the process.A very lively presentation.
Monday June 17th
Carers WA information evening, also:
Information on the Better Start Initiative was presented by Julie King - Better Start Supervisor. The Better Start initiative is funded by FaHCSIA to offer early childhood intervention services for children with certain disabilities.
Paige Munro - RIS advisor will give us an overview on the services Carers WA offers in relation to mental health issues.
Diabetes research study information - presented by Helen Daniels Fremantle Hospital .
Monday July 15th
Post polio - presented by Tessa Jupp RN - Information on the Late Effects of Polio which is affecting 90% of WA's 2000 plus polio survivors. Serum carnitine levels done at PMH, reveal polios and some of their children/grandchildren benefit from supplemental carnitine. The simple methods used for pain and fatigue which may help our general community.
This was followed by an update on Insulin pens - presented by Lexie Wilkins.  This presentation alsol included injection technique for insulin injecting patients and the impact of needle phobia on insulin injections etc.

August 19th
Pain management - presented by Jane Muirhead, Occupational Therapist specialising in this area. Jane presented tips for us to inform our patients with chronic pain and the role of an OT.

Monday September 16th 

Familial Hypercholesterolaemia – presented by Lynda Southwell -

“A nursing perspective on Familial Hypercholesterolemia: common, lethal and in your patients”
FH is an inherited condition of high cholesterol where a genetic change to the receptor that regulates levels of LDL cholesterol in the body is faulty. This is directly passed on from generation to generation and will cause a 20 fold increased risk of premature CHD if undetected or left untreated.
Understanding the significance and risk of FH by health professionals is important and the nurses role.

2nd Presenter – Angela Mack from the Ear Science Institute

Angela Mack, balance and implant centre manager, with over 30 years audiology experience and 
Lisa Giles, senior balance audiologist from Ear Science Institute Australia will give an overview on identification and management of hearing and balance disorders. This talk will cover;
What to look for when screening hearing. Understanding diagnostic audiometry, speech and tympanometry results.  When a referral is appropriate. Introduction to the balance system, vestibular anatomy, overview of types of balance disorders, related to patient history and symptoms and other investigations available.

Monday October 21st

        Information for carers re  Resource book - presented by Karyn Salter –
Home Instead Senior Care and Alzheimer’s Australia have joined forces to produce a free resource booklet for carers of people with dementia.
With an estimated 1.2 million Australians caring for someone with dementia, this booklet is a timely addition to the Home Instead Senior Care suite of free public education materials. Karyn will also inform us about other services available.
2nd presenter – Bonnie Mist Community West -
Overview of the Community Care Sector

       WA HACC Program- Aims, Eligibility target group

       Wellness- philosophy underpinning support services

     Referral to HACC-  process and document, Client scenarios.

November 18th: 

Presentation by Sandra Daly Respiratory Nurse Educator RPH - COPD/Asthma The differences and changes in airways (Remodelling) Tips on Management in General Practice.

    WAPNA 3rd Seminar Saturday 19th October  

Obesity – The Impact in our Community.
The importance of Good Nutrition

Maintaining Physical Activity and Implications with Mental Health


Topics included:

Falls Program, Paramedical Information,
Alzeimers/Mental Health
and the role of an Occupational Therapist.
A very interesting seminar with information to update our knowledge in these very important topics.

FIRST SEMINAR - 10th March 2012

AM Session Consisted of an Immunisation update - necessary for annual competency, as per the WA CDCD Immunisation Certification Accredited Guidelines.

PM Session This was an interactive session with Cardiac Rehab providers sharing practical tips to improve CVC management.
Home and Community Care - eligibilty criteria for accessing appropriate services.
Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT)-information on what is involved in the assessment.
Obesity in the Community

SECOND SEMINAR - 30th June 2012
  • Mars and Venus, Chronic Pain
  • Womens Health - presented by Dr Margaret Smith; HRT etc
  • Mens Health - presented Dr Pam Quartermass
  • Chronic Pain - presented by Denise Fairclough Clinical Nurse SCGH Pain Clinic . IncludeD the referral process to pain clinics
This seminar was well attended and the above topics were presented in a very enlightening manner.


Auto Immune Disorders including Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis.
Health Networks Models of Care - an overview of these projects and how to navigate using Osteoporosis as an example Model of Care.
Mental Health & Addictions - incorporating the role of a Nurse in the Corrective Services.

Educational Meetings in 2013
Monday 18th February
Cervical Registry Program
presented by Heidi Pavicic, Clinical Nurse Consultant.
Cervical cancer prevention: from screening to vaccination.
Removing barriers: tips for increasing participation in your practice
Reducing Legal Risk: Implementation of recall/reminders and the role of the WA Cervical Cancer Prevention
The following presentation was:
Best Beginnings Parenting Support Program; presented by Jennifer Hewitt.
Information on the support services offered to new parents.

Educational Meetings in 2012
November 19th
The Womens Clinic: Presented by Jane Griffiths Business Manager and Flic Hardiman - Senior Registered Nurse. Presentation included information on the Clinic and services offered. Other topics discussed were the insertion of Mirena and Implanon-including the removal of implanon, and details of the latest contraceptive pills. Information on antibiotics and OCP, missed pill etc, this included the new Clyk device to aid compliance on the new pill "YazFlex". Termination of pregnancy was also discussed, including the role of the nurse in patient education including proposed surgical procedures and general women's health issues. Mirena training and service/sponsorship being offered to GPs for training.

October 15th
Chronic Kidney Disease - presented by Jenny Duggan form KCat

September 17th
Tips and resources in relation to Cardio Vascular Disease - presented by Heart Foundation Nurses & Project Officers. This was an overview of CVD & Diabetes, the disease burden, support services Heart Foundation offers in the community, including Swap It resources & Live Lighter campaigns. Also included were tips for PN - of how CVD & Diabetes can impact on each condition.

Monday August 20th
Headache Help WA - presented by Beth Eggeston.
Information regarding this West Australian community-based organisation. Support services, resources & assistance for people with headache and migraine.
Followed by - Continence Advisory Service of WA - presented by Dee Sutcliffe - Education & Training Officer for CAS.
Information, advice & tips for Practice Nurses on bladder & bowel health issues. Resources & support provided by CAS of WA & other supports in community.

Monday July 16th:
Sharps Disposal and STI's - presented by John Palmer Sterihealth
An overview of relevant STI's - presented by Jane Hubble RN. Testing and treatments and contact tracing. Supporting and enhancing your role with your GP. What issues you may have & how to utilise us and other public health nurses.
TB, refugee health and the latest changes - presented by Joanna Fagan from Perth Chest Clinic

June 18th:
Osteoporosis management including the importance of screening for bone density; presented by Jody Minerva Osteoporosis Solutions Australia
Followed by Kath Snell - Volunteer Task Force - The positive effects of their exercise & nutrition programs.
Karena Sheriff and Tina Newman from Commonwealth Carelink - Community care options and resources for your patients.

May 21st:

Muscular Dystrophy WA - presented by Lesley Murphy Community Support Officer.
Information regarding the three main aims, to provide support to those who live with Muscular Dystrophy, to provide support to those who care for people with Muscular Dystrophy and to raise funds for research.
Neurological Council of Western Australia - presented by Christina Line - Community Neurological Nurse.
This session described the collaboration between Neurological groups in Western Australia and the coordination of services and support for clients within the community including regional areas. Also,information regarding a post graduate certificate in Neurological Nursing through Murdoch University.

April 16th

Home Medication Reviews - presented by pharmacist Richard Plumridge. A very interesting and informative session describing the pharmacists role and education provided to our patients. Information for nurses to help us to educate our patients with their medications and explain what HMR's are for and the benefits.
The following presenter was pharmacist Shirley Harrison - NPS for GP's and Nurses, Dementia medications, followed by some case studies. Tips for nurses and patients.

Monday 19th March

Information regarding the Coordinated Veterans Care Program (CVC), followed by the Management of Cardiovascular Disease in General Practice.

Monday Feb 20th

Diabetes WA Services - Diabetes Educators and Dieticians, their role in helping our patients. Presented by Rhianna Muir, Health Professional Engagement Coordinator DAWA
Home Instead - Information on non medical Private Home Services now available in the community.
CSL - latest information regarding Pneumovax, Gardasil indications and other vaccines, presented by William Northcott CSL Biotherapies.

Final Seminar for 2011 - Saturday 22nd October

Topics covered:
Chronic Lung Conditions and treatments.
Paediatric Information - Improve your skills on how to assess the sick child.
Enuresis & Continence - Enhance recognition of dysfunction in Paediatrics

2nd Seminar for 2011 - Saturday 2nd July

Chronic Lung Conditions and Current Trials - Presented by LIWA
Insulin Pumps - How they work, how to manage them and insulin dosing. Presented by Linda Hop Clinical Nurse PMH
Medical Indemnity, Scope of Practice and Professional Development, Recalls and Reminder letters - Where do We Stand?? Presented by MDA National

Ist Seminar for 2011 - Saturday March 26th (all day event)

An Immunisation Update by Shelly Howe was held in the morning session. The afternoon session included a presentation by Lynn Barnden and Beth Sperring on wounds and burns in patients with Chronic Medical conditions. Wounds and Burns in relation to patients who have Chronic Medical Conditions - presented by Lynn Barnden and Beth Sperring Atrial FibrillatAtrial fibrillation, Warfarin management and INR"s - this pesentation was by a Cardiologist and included the importance of medication, ECG interpretation and stroke risk and the role of the Practice Nurse. Chronic Kidney Disease and Diabetes for the Practice Nurse - a presentation by a Renal Nurse - covered the role of the practice nurse in the management of CKD.

3rd and final Seminar for 2010 -Saturday 16th October:
TOPICS covered included :
Stroke Care - Busting the Myth 
Medical iIndemnity Practice Nurses
General Practice - Recalls and Reminders
A very full and interesting range of subjects was enjoyed by all.

2nd Seminar for 2010 - Saturday 26th June

Topics :
Motivational Interviewing
(MI) is a collaborative person-centred form of guiding to elicit and strengthen motivation to change. It has been used to successfully shift a range of behaviours from diet, exercise, alcohol and drug use, medication compliance, dental hygiene and criminal recidivism.
Back by popular demand after the first session that she presented to WAPNA, Associate Professor Moira Sim shared her insights from a recent workshop in the USA with the original authors of MI, Miller and Rollnick.
This session included an interactive workshop.
Wound Care Options in General Practice:
This was a continuation from the WAPNA March educational meeting.
Information was also provided on the Nurse Practitioner Clinic now in operation.

1st Seminar for 2010 - Saturday 27th March

This was an all day Seminar which consisted of an Immunisation Update in the morning, lunch, then was followed by a Paediatric Update in the afternoon. The venue was changed at short notice, to the Function Centre, Technology Park, Bentley. This was necessary due to the 22/3 storm damage and flooding of the Clarke Lecture Theatres at SCGH.

Educational Meetings in 2011
November 21st
Continence update – prolapse bowel and bladder incontinence, prolapse, services available and current support etc. Presented by Emma Wise physiotherapist OPH

Macular Degeneration – Types of macular degeneration, aids and services/programs available for health professionals and patients. Presented by Georgina Ryan Education Officer for MD

Monday 16th October

Interesting presentations on Infant Nutrition & Obesity in Later Life, followed by Men's Health Initiative.

Monday 19th September
The role of a Podiatrist - the process of the consultation with foot checks etc. This also included High Care Assessment, back and hip pain & Diabetes - Presented by Earl Louis the following presentation was an information session in relation to the changes with access to HACC Community Care Services. The North Metro Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre (CRCC) is now the one access and entry point to refer new patients requiring assistance in the home. Also included how to make a referral.

Monday August 15th

Jessica Foster, Lead Organiser, and Beth Arrowsmith, Nursing Professional Development Organiser, gave presentations about United Voice (formerly known as the Liquor Hospitality Miscellaneous Union (LHMU. This is the largest uniob in WA and represents a large number of staff members throughout the health sectors. Also discussed was the professional development program for nursing members, which includes education days, in service sessions at various employers and soon to be launched online professional development program.

Monday July 18th

The role of an exercise physiologist - presented by Matt Hall. Another presentation was from a CDE - of particular interest was the discussion regarding the many ways the HbA1c is calculated.

Monday June 20th

Common eye conditions: A very full presentation by Dr Geoffrey Lam UWA Clinical Associate Professor & Head of Opthalmology PMH. The presentation contained information regarding general opthalmology and common eye conditions.

Monday 16th May

Kathi Howes, Community Engagement Officer at Marie Stopes (Not for Profit Registered Charity) Reproductive Health Care Services. Included information on Sexual Health, Counselling Services, vasectomies and terminations.

Monday 18th April

A general information evening on Support Groups and Programs in the Community.
Includes following topic area:
Fibromyalgia: The condition and how to manage it- presented by Kaye Brand physiotherapist.
Breast Care Support, Mercy Support Services, Diabetes Programs.
Many varied and interesting topics - a snapshot of the support in our community.

Monday 21st March
Dr Peter Richmond and Prof Moira Clay: Moira Clay's presentation: "A research driven Health System .................;Can we get there?" Peter Richmond's presentation: "Pertussis from parents and problems with paediatric adverse events - an immunisation update for practice nurses."

21st February
3 Community Programs were presented, including the Lifestyle Triple P Parenting Program - presented by Tiffany Marcus-Hanks. This is a weight management program aimed to reduce childhood obesity by helping parents to encourage healthy lifestyles. Department of Education Program and Parenting WA Community support programs were also be presented.

Educational Meetings in 2010

November 15th:
Jane Gardner presented this general childhood and immunisation information session, including details of the school nurses' role in relation to immunisation.

18th October:
Travel medicine update including vaccines for our patients on the move.
Examination of the Injured Hand – presented by Clinical Associate Professor of Surgery Dr Stewart Flemming. Information regarding the management of simple hand and traumatised hands and the relevant wound care.

September 20th: Child Health Information Evening

Miriam Krouzecky, Clinical Nurse Specialist (Perinatal Depression) presented on Child and Adolescent Community Health.
Lynn Sprigg, Principal Nurse for Child and Adolescent Community Health, was also a presenter. Lynn has extensive experience in Community health practice, particularly school health nursing, Her expertise is in child health nursing and perinatal mental health.
An overview of the role of child health and school health nurses and a brief overview of the perinatal mental health issues including PND, the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale and resources to support vulnerable families were discussed.
Information about the universal schedule of health checks offered through infant/child health clinics, kindys, primary and secondary schools,with an opportunity for questions, including how community health nurses and GP practice nurses can communicate and liaise to provide better outcomes for families.

August 16th

Clinton Heal – CEO and Founder of Melanoma WA was the presenter. General information in relation to melanoma stats, prevention, monitoring and treatment was discussed. this was followed by Clinton's own story regarding he was diagnosed with a melanoma at the age of 22 and his journey from there. Also included was the background of how MelanomaWA was started by this inspirational young man. A very personal story from our patients point of view.

Monday 19th July

Shirley Teshome RN – Chronic Disease Program Coordinator WAGP Network. Update on the latest Health Assessment items – target groups and rules.
Refresher on requirements of Asthma Annual Cycle of Care, and where this fits in with Chronic Disease Management items.
Piper Marsh – Asthma Educator Asthma Foundation of WA- Overview and update on Management of Asthma. Tips on the run, spacers/nebuliser ongoing debate etc. Also, how you can use your Asthma Educator knowledge in the GP setting.

Monday 21st June

John Palmer – Steri Health provied an update on the clinical waste regulations, the responsibilities of practices and “best practice” in the correct handling and disposal of sharps and clinical waste. Information on an alternative Sharps container.
Tanya Ricciardi RN and Paul Carpenter –Braun. An update was presented on the protocols for the correct washing and decontamination techniques of instruments in General Practice.
There was also a short presentation on Histoacryl Skin Glue, and its application. This included a practical session on some pork belly, so that people understood how to use glue.

Monday May 17th

Presentation by Jane Butcher RN – WAGP Network Nursing in General Practice & QUM Program Coordinator.
A very up to date and informative evening.
Topics discussed:
National Registration and Continuing Competence – What’s the latest? What should I do?
The 2010 National Award – Are you affected?
Changes to Medicare Items for May 2010 – update on health assessments.

Monday April 19th

ACAT information and processes.
DAWA online program update including Glucose Impairment.

Monday March 15th
Lynn Barnden and Beth Sperring CNS RPH – Wound Care on a Budget – Wound care options when working with Budget Restraints in the General Practice Setting. New tricks were shown and information provided in relation to different dressing products when working with limited stock.

Monday 15th February
Chiropractic information session - What a chiropractor does in relation to patients with chronic conditions, pain relief and adjustments.

3rd Seminar for 2009 - Saturday 17th October

Cardiovascular Disease, Prevention, Management Strategies and risk factors in Diabetes, PVD and CVD.
Tips on how to manage patients with heart disease, lifestyle interventions,
and how to simplify careplans in relation to heart disease.

1st Seminar for 2009 - Saturday 28th March

"Follow the Path to Wellness" Seminar

The program included presenters from the Heart Foundation regarding the Heartmoves Program, the Lung Support Group, Volunteering WA Services, Connect WA, Aged Care Support and the former "Wish Group" who have many support organisations on their listings. Also, presenters from Diabetes WA, Cancer Council, the Rotary Waist Disposal Challenge, and Drawing the Line Healthy Weight Campaign.

Educational Meetings in 2009

Monday 16th November

Paul Martin (Lab Duty Manager Clinipath Pathology), presented a Laboratory Point of View with Mens Health from a Laboratory point of view with regard to Examinations and Other Tests including PSA. Reasons behind the "Order of Draw" when taking blood, "ideal" written referrals and importance of clinical notes and history.
Discussion also included information regarding the taking of samples such as FVU, MSU, Microalbumin urine samples and the interpretation of these results.

Monday 19th October

Shelley Howe - Immunisation Program Coordinator WAGP Network, Panvax vaccine update, questions and answers.
Pru Jarrah - Support Officer Silver Chain - Silver Chain Sharing the Care  - Next Step in Primary Care in your Community.  Silver Chain Home Hospital and the Priority Response Assessment service (PRA) were discussed at length.
Heidi Davies - Continence Information - Healthy bladder, healthy bowel, healthy life.
 Interviewing techniques to assess continence and information on the referral process.

Monday 21st September
Leukaemia, brain tumours and chemotherapy - a presentation by Dr Nick Gottardo - Paediatric Oncologist from PMH and ICHR.
Also a presentation from the program coordinator of the National Bowel Screening Program, and also from the Cancer Council.

Monday 17th August - Sarah Bright and Dr Eric Khong from BreastScreen WA provided members with information on Breast Cancer and Screening.

Monday 20th July July 20th - This Travel information evening was presented by Dr John Terry - GP and Travel Health Specialist. Travel is not just vaccines. This presentation covered many travel risks and included advice regarding the procedures necessary if one becomes ill whilst travelling etc.

Monday June 15th - Wound care information presented by GP Dr Denise Findlay. Discussion covered the types of wounds, dressings and information relevant to General Practice.
Jody Niven also presented on the Falls Program.

Monday 18th May – Chronic Wounds and General information on the Mental Health impact they have. Presented by Jean Aplin.

Monday 20th April
Cancer and Palliative Care Network information presented by Gareth Griffiths – General information for those in general practice. This is an umbrella organisation which also incorporates Silver Chain as one of the providers.
Also, an update on the Home Medicine Reviews, the process, requirements and the role a nurse can play in General Practice in relation to organising them. Invaluable service for our patients Presented by Hilton Tucker from Perth Primary Care Network.

Monday 16th March
16th March – General information and the latest changes with immunisation- presented by Shelley Howe from the WAGP Network.
Also a very informative presentation by Julie describing the facilities and programs offered by Ngala. These services are available for children 0-6yrs, and their families.

Monday 16th February
Information on Oral Health in relation to Chronic Disease and other medical conditions. Presented by Patrick Shanahan - Oral Health Consultant with interests in GP, Special Needs and Geriatrics.
The next presenter, Dr Noel Plumley, informed us about his role and the Street Doctor program. How it works in our Central Perth district and other areas.

Educational Meetings in 2008

Monday 17th November
An Allied Health Information Evening – Occupational Therapist & Exercise Physiologist: Their role in relation to Chronic Diseases, Arthritis etc. Exercise programs available for our patients.

Monday 20th October
Hypertension, Screening, ECG electrode placement and the Emergency Trolley - presented by Dr Mike Butcher. Also, a presentation about a group of retired nurses doing voluntary work in Bali.

Monday 15th September
Further update on Tuberculosis was presented by nurse Vimala Jegathesan of the Perth Chest Clinic. Discussion covered the disease, current treatments in WA, mantoux testing and training availability.

18th August
Joanne Firth from Breast Chek discussed Thermography and, information regarding a Continence Treatment Chair.

21st July
Alan Philp (DOHA) discussed plans for General Practice, followed by a presentation on the Practice Nurse, and Nurse Practitioner Programs at Curtin University.

16th June
A very informative evening covering the topics of Drug & alcohol screening, fasting blood tests and microbiology.

19th May
First Aid for Occupational Health Injuries in General Practice.

18th February
Discussion on Practice Nurse Updates and future plans for ECU Training.

11th October 2008 WAPNA Seminar
Matters of the Heart : Speakers included a Project Officer from the Heart Foundation, a Dietician, Pharmacist and Exercise Phsyiologist. A very interesting afternoon was enjoyed by all.

28th June 2008 WAPNA Seminar
Prevention & Management of Diabetes including Neuropathic Pain & Treatment.
These topics were presented in depth by Toyah Tinworth from DAWA, June Lee - Diabetes Educator, Professor Schug(Director of Pain Medicaine at RPH) and Dr Gary Wilson (GP).

29th March: First WAPNA Seminar for 2008
Chlamydia and other "love bugs" - presented by Robyn Wansbrough, Nurse Educator at FPWA.
Infection Control - Practical Aspects - presented by Sylvia Gandossi, Infection Control Consultant.

Educational Meetings in 2007
19th November
Sue Stockdale of Diabetes WA update on their services, educators, membership benefits etc to assist us in general practice.
KEMH ante natal clinic. General information on what is checked and when at the clinic, including gestational diabetes. What assists them from the general practice side of things etc.

20th August
Heart Foundation Update.

16th July
Simon Cummings – Exercise Physiologist - re the MedExAus program for diabetics, including the new medicare item number in relation to group therapy.
Dr Rosanna Capolingua, GP and National President of the AMA:
A special presentation to discuss the AMA position in relation to Practice Nurses.

27th October: Third WAPNA Seminar for 2007

Mental Health - risk assessment and mental state examination as presented by Jane Armstrong RN.
Mental Health respite Program by Kareena Sherriff from Commonwealth Carelink.
Skin Disorders - Dermatology and Laser Clinic, also treatment of Skin Cancers.

28th July: Second WAPNA Seminar for 2007


First aid for burns
Drugs, Alcohol and Addictive Behaviours.
Burns Pain Control & Chronic Pain Management

Seminar 1st July 2006

A very well attended seminar. Dr Liam O'Connor(Clinipath) gave a very descriptive presentation regarding the collection of, and report interpretation of wound swabs, MSU's and autoclave spore testing. Tegan O'Rafferty (Asthma Foundation)followed with an update on asthma medications and the use and care of spacers.
Sylvia Gandossi (Infection Control Consultant) discussed the latest updates on infection control with wound care, sterilizers, spacers and the effect of coming changes in relation the general practice.

Seminar 11th March 2006

Arthritis, auto-immune disorders, current treatments and resources were discussed in the presentation by Jean McQuade from the Arthritis Foundation.
Janni Goss "The Laughter Lady" then followed with an interesting segment on the advantages of laughter.

Wound Management Workshop
11 & 12th February 2006

Thanks must go to the WAGPNetwork and the WA Wound Care Association for allowing WAPNA to be a part of this very successful week-end. Many people were sponsored from the rural and remote areas to attend - so popular was this event that there were 80 people on the waiting list! Many thanks once again to Cheryl Grigsby for here untiring work for nurses in General Practice.

Educational Meetings in 2006

Presented by Dr Sydney Sacks from Clinipath Pathology. Pathology reporting,fasting times and results interpretation of Lipids, Liver Function Tests, U and E’s, BSL’s

An update on travel vaccines followed by Karena Sherrif presenting on the Carelink facility. Application forms for BSWA Health Promotion in General Practice also handed out.

An extremely well attended meeting. Dr Butcher gave a very enlightening presentation on the emergency trolley requirements in general practice. BreastScreen WA provided flyers with a special extension for the registration to their Breast Cancer promotion for WAPNA members. Val Abery presented very interesting figures for predicted future increase in the requirements for Aged Care and Advanced Care Planning .

A very interesting evening, full of "Mother & Baby" information. Speakers included Jeannie Thompson from ABC Plus, Eric (Dermatech), Jeanette (Wyeth), Anne from Supernanny Plus and Julie Holschier from Ngala.

To download a brochure from Ngala please click here

Dr Mark Neville presented regarding the new NHMR Pap Guidlines that come into effect on 1st July 2006.
William Northcott gave a short talk on the new vaccine RotaTeq that provides protection from Rotavirus.
Judith Thompson gave a very interactive presentation regarding the Pelvic floor muscles and continence.

Chronic Renal Failure was presented in depth by Lisa White from RPH.
Please contact Jenny Hall for a copy of the power point presentation, kindly sent to WAPNA for members use.
The following presentation from Niki Parle (also RPH) covered Heart Failure and the success that RPH has with heart transplants for those in need.
Kristina Economo from the Asthma Foundation spoke about the Newborns Asthma & Parental Smoking (NAPS) program.

Julie & Lorraine described the Healthy@Home Chronic Disease Service that covers 8 metropolitan areas. the aim of the program is to save 25bed days/day by helping people with chronic health problems to maintain their independence
The MAC Bus & Street Doctor. Margaret spoke of these very invaluable services - MAC Bus for the 12-25yr old and Street Doctor for those in need without a regular GP.

Di Bailey (a Collaboratives Program Manager) presented information regarding the National Primary Care Collaborative 3 year pilot program. Jan Ingram followed with her presentation on a Practice Nurse perspective of the collaborative program.
Dr Rithy Sovann provided tips for using medical computer programs and the availability of templates ie for Care Plans etc.

Silver Chain provided information regarding Hopital @ Home and many of their other services.
This was followed by a presentation from "Disability First Stop".

The Combined WAPNA, APNA & WADSO Workshop
held on 16 & 17 September 2005

The Workshop was a very rewarding and positive event which achieved the aim of greater communication and learning opportunities among rural, remote and metropolitan practice nurses.

The Workshop would not have been possible without Paul Geyer from APANA for his direction and control of all the management and financial arrangements.

Cheryl Grigsby from WADSO organised and co-ordinated the sponsorship of many rural and remote practice nurses and was a wealth of knowledge for many contacts. Cheryl designed and provided the very innovative conference bags also.

Many thanks are expressed to our generous sponsors, Surgical House, Cottmans, Coloplast and Smith & Nephew.

To all the WAPNA Committee, thank you also for your support and advice.

Educational Meetings in 2005

17th October
A very informative session about the Silver Chain Hospice Care Service. The team providing the service includes specialist palliative care GP's, nurses, volunteers, care-aids, a social worker and chaplain. The service also caters for children, and respite (offered through Carelink) is available for carers of palliative care patients. There was also a discussion on the Hospital @ Home service. The Silver Chain Clinical Research Co-ordinator is looking for nurses to help with a project in December (please see "News" for more details).
Carmen Lake presented a very informative slide show (to complement her presentation last month) from her previous trip to Kenya. Carvings and postcards were also shown. Any donations of medical equipment and nursing books are most welcome - please contact a committee member for futher details.

19th September
Karena from Carelink presented a short update on recent changes to the department.
Cheryl Grigsby from WADSO discussed the support by the State Office for practice nurses.
Carmen Lake gave a very informative account of her experiences nursing in Kenya, and about future plans to assist the area by providing more nursing and medical equipment.
Francis and friends followed Carmen with a very informative discussion regarding CaLD
  • C - Culture, client, communication
  • A - Assistance, awareness, adaptability, advocacy
  • L - Language, learning, lifestyle
  • D - Diversity, dignity
18th July
Asthma Resources followed by a discussion on
the values of Protein in Our Diet.
20th June
The topics covered were Exercise Physiology and Nutritional Deficiences.
16th May
A very interesting presentation was held by the Vaccine Trials Group. Rosemarie Winsor then presented a talk about her new position within the Divisions.
18th April
This proved to be a very thought provoking and interactive session with Bill Saunders, Psychologist. Bill talked about stress management for R.N's!
Carelink managers then advised us how to make more effective use of Carelink Services.
21st March
Practice Nurse Networking - Juggling Evening
This proved to be an innovative meeting, in which practice nurses shared their experiences with triage, policies, procedures, infection control and other Practice Nursing duties.
Members from Medical Hand, Health Direct and Disability Services also discussed their roles in these organisations.

Presentations by Terry Jongen

Terry Jongen kindly provided us with a copy of the presentations that he gave at our Seminar in July, 2004, and has given us permission to display these on our web site. However, please note that he retains the copyright to this material. To view these presentations, click on the title below. Note that the presentations have been converted to PDF format. To view them, you will need Acrobat® Reader® on your computer. If you do not have this software, you can download it for free by clicking on the logo at the left.
Educational Meetings in 2004
The first educational meeting was held on Monday 16th February and the speakers were: Lorraine and Barry Young from the Amanda Young Foundation, Kerry Blom from Wanslea Family Services, and Youth Focus.

On 15th March, there were updates on Asthma and Diabetes.

At the meeting on April 19th, the topic of discussion was Pap Smears, with Dr Steven Singh and Staff from the Clinipath Cytology Department.

The May 19th educational meeting was also allocated to Dr Singh for the discussion of Hormones.

On 21st June, the topics covered were Alcohol Dependence, along with an introduction to Community Programmes available for Drug & Alcohol Addicts.

The 19th July meeting covered the Parent Drug Information Service as well as an introduction to Vacutex wound dressings.

WAPNA members were invited to attend a one day training event presented by the Drug & Alcohol Office on 28th August, 2004. Those members who attended agreed that the day proved very interesting and worthwhile for Practice Nurses. Our thanks to the presenters Angela Hanslip and Teena Olsen.

On the 20th September, the topics covered burns and a general wound dressings update.

On October 18th, Palliative Care was discussed. Also, author Lorraine Kember talked about her personal experiences as descibed in her book "Lean on Me". Margaret Watson from the Nurse's Board provided details on difference between EN/RN as pertinent to Practice Nursing.

Past Seminar Details

Videos of April's Expo and the July and October Seminars from 2003 are still available, along with copies of the March, July and October 2004 Seminars!

The WA Practice Nurses Association ran a very successful Expo on Community Resources in April, 2003, at the F.J. Clarke Lecture Theatre, QEII Medical Centre. The Expo was opened by the Hon. Bob Kucera APM MLA, Minister for Health, and included sessions relating to Care Link, the Independent Living Centre, physiotherapy, diabetes, Cancer - Fresh Start Program, Flora Health Centre, family planning, Lorikeet Club House and the Alcohol & Drug Authority.

The July 2003 Seminar was also held at the F.J. Clarke Lecture Theatre, QEII, and presentations were given on disability services, ENT, radiology update, and the Healing Touch.

The October 2003 Seminar had a great turn-out of members.
The speakers were Dr Steven Singh, Jill Illot (Australian Bush Flower Essences) and Dr Peter Richmond, Consultant Paediatrician. Tess Henry from Smith & Nephew along with Barry Jones from Huntleigh Medical discussed the Doppler technique for diagnosing venous and arterial ulcers.


The first Seminar for 2004 was held on 27th March. Kerry Allan from Community Development Communication, and Julie Lynch from Disability Services , presented Communication Issues in Emergency Situations, for people with disabilities. Due to unexpected circumstances, there was a last minute change in the program. Pat Duffield spoke about her Ph.D. research proposal regarding the Practice Nurse Experience. This was followed by an open forum on the future planning needs for standards and competencies for Practice Nurses. We were fortunate to be able to arrange, at very short notice, another topic "Recognition for the Critically Unwell Child-Airway & Breathing". This was presented by Katherine Craig, Clinical Nurse Manager of the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit, PMH.

At the Seminar on July 24th, Terry Jongen covered Emergencies (see above to download the presentation), and Wendy Meggison discussed those legalities particularily relevant to Practice Nurses.

Women's and Children's Health was the title of the October Seminar. Those present were informed of the many facilities available through the Women's Health Care Association, and of the many Community Health programs available both antenatally and during the early childhood years.

Rural Health Education Foundation Satellite Television Broadcast -held on Tuesday 24th February 2004
"Nursing in General Practice"
To view on-line, or to obtain video copies of this very informative program, and details of other past and future programs, go to http://www.rhef.com.au/programs/401/401.html or phone (02) 6232-5480


Our first seminar was held on the 9th April and covered the following interesting topics:
Parkinsons Disease; Incontinence and the Scope of Nursing Practice.

The July 30th Seminar covered the topics: Chronic Heart Disease, Diabetes,Metabolic Syndrome and the links with Nutrition and these health problems.

On Saturday 22nd October, the topics covered included:
Obesity, effects, co morbidities, causes. Medical and surgical treatments Including outcomes and results of surgery (Mr Kevin Dolan)
Followed by a wound care update by Pam Morey CNS SCGH.

Videos/DVD's of past seminars may be ordered from our Liaison & Education Officer

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